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Eos Consulting, Inc.

Executive Conflict Resolution + 

1:1 Executive Coaching

Coaching that helps you overcome personal challenges and roadblocks to achieve your individual life goals.

About Eos

Eos Consulting, Inc. provides 1:1 and small group coaching and mediation to successful and high-profile teams and professionals. The relationship that is fostered between Deana and her clients is candid, supportive, trusting, confidential, and entirely unique. Deana's coaching skills are best displayed in situations where the stakes are high and opportunities for change exciting and gratifying.

Eos is trusted by C-suite executives, vice presidents, managing partners, directors, deans, and other leaders to help them achieve their toughest goals and find success through executive coaching, strategic facilitation, executive dispute resolution, and cultural integration.


About Eos Founder,
Deana Kardel

Deana helps companies and firms bring out the best in their workforce through executive conflict mediation, 1:1 executive coaching, speaking, and tailored trainings.

Deana has worked with hundreds of senior executives and partners within the tech and professional services sectors, including some of the world's largest tech companies, start-ups, law firms, and accounting firms. Drawing on 30 years of business and dispute resolution experience in executive-level positions, Deana designs and implements effective programs that help clients realize their goals. She is known as a change agent.

Deana's approach combines leadership and executive presence, human relations and behaviors, strategic planning, communications, business, and revenue development into a plan of action. With a straightforward approach and clear understanding of team culture, she knows how to shape and implement programs that foster positive change, revenue growth, and professional satisfaction. She is frequently called upon to facilitate strategic team vision and planning meetings or when teams need a unity or leadership reset.  

Deana is a dynamic and inspiring coach and speaker who regularly presents to audiences on a variety of topics, including managing difficult conversations, team culture, and leadership. Over the span of her career, she has authored numerous articles and thought leadership pieces. She was featured alongside nationally renowned motivational speakers in the book, Mastering the Art of Success.

Before founding Eos in 2008, Deana served as the Regional Vice President for JAMS, one of the world's largest mediation and arbitration companies. During those years, she led the firm's northwest region and spearheaded development and implementation of the strategic business development plan that fostered the company's dramatic growth. In her senior leadership role, and as part of her operational responsibilities, she collaborated with the executive team in leading several hundred employees while mentoring numerous, senior-level managers in multiple offices. 

Deana earned her MBA at Golden Gate University and her BA from Michigan State University. She also holds a variety of professional certifications in coaching, behavioral science, and mediation.


Eos provides executive coaching to help one reach their professional and personal life goals.  Deana customizes each engagement to unlock the individual's full potential.

Contact Deana to start your proactive journey today.  You will be amazed by your new insights that will last a lifetime.

  • Executive Conflict Resolution

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching

  • Keynote Speaking / Retreat Facilitation


Executive Conflict Resolution

Internal conflicts stagnate growth and threaten profits.

When professionals don’t get along, it wastes the firm’s time, consumes and replaces good energy with bad, and is emotionally draining.

Executive conflict resolution marries the art of mediation and coaching. It is a relatively quick process  that resolves internal communication breakdowns and challenges. While Eos conducts programs designed to prevent internal conflicts, we are often hired after the conflict has arisen and when individual, team, and company efficiencies and effectiveness are adversely impacted. 

Eos also helps CEOs, Managing Partners, Board members, and leaders who are not necessarily meeting expectations or who are challenged by modern-day cultural and gender communications. This service is sometimes requested as a last resort but has proven time and time to be successful. It is a highly sensitive, emotional, and often confidential coaching process that helps to bring resolution to performance issues and concerns.

Our conflict resolution process involves several steps including:

  • Joint and individual sessions

  • Communication plans

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Progress follow-up session(s)

The key is to build lasting and positive communication skills that not only resolve the dispute at hand, but also prevent future communication conflicts.

Executive mediation provides leaders with tremendous professional growth as they develop insight into their personal communication styles and behaviors. The process helps executives replace habitual counterproductive behaviors with constructive and conciliatory skill sets, enabling them not only to resolve specific disputes, but also gain skills to address and prevent future conflicts.


1:1 Executive Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

An effective coach brings out the best in people.

Deana helps professionals achieve extraordinary results that are based on the goals and intentions set forth by the individual and/or company. The coaching process is made up of regularly scheduled meetings with follow up actions that focus on the skills and behaviors needed to successfully produce the desired results.

Coaching with Eos offers benefits, such as: 

  • Ensuring that individuals set and attain personal and professional goals

  • Enabling individuals to stretch themselves and, in turn, achieve more than they could have on their own

  • Teaching the professional how to strengthen their unique personal attributes, thereby producing results more quickly

  • Providing the structural foundation and support needed to sustain and ensure success over time

  • Assisting the professional in building personal and professional confidence

  • Identifying key learning blocks relating to time management, interpersonal communications, behavioral challenges, organization skills, and life balance

  • Assisting companies and firms build a culture that embraces business development and optimizes investment returns as a priority


Keynote Speaking/
Retreat Facilitation

The sharing of information and ideas sparks the collective motivation and inspiration towards forward momentum.

Deana is an engaging and dynamic keynote speaker. Her most recent presentations include:

  • Successfully Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Driving Purposeful Change with Executive Coaching

  • Leading Teams and Cultures  Towards Optimal Success

Audience members leave her presentations with a sense of renewal that moves them to act upon their new leanings.  They leave inspired to actualize their goals.

Retreat and team meeting facilitation and presentations are aligned to the client’s needs and strategic plan. The intent is to provide professionals and executives with the motivation to perform in ways that benefit both their long- and short-term goals, individually and collectively.

Each presentation is guaranteed to be dynamic and engaging with a high degree of audience interest and participation. Eos also prides itself on the follow-up relating to what happens AFTER the retreat or presentation is delivered.


What Clients are Saying

Deana asks the right (tough) questions to make me think. She mirrored some of my thoughts and situations to help me reframe.

Executive, Silicon Valley Multinational Tech Company


Featured Thought Leadership

Deana has authored numerous articles and thought leadership pieces. She was featured in the book, Mastering the Art of Success, alongside nationally renowned motivational speakers Jack Canfield (co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) and Les Brown (author of Live Your Dreams and It’s Not Over Until You Win).

"Show Me the Culture and I’ll Show You the Money"
"Resolving Intra-Firm Disputes"
"Managing Partners Seeking Higher Profits? Look at Your Culture"
"When Your Law Partnership Isn't Working"
"Ensure Success and Profits: Create a Purposeful Culture"


San Francisco/Bay Area (Kentfield)

(415) 845-7690

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